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Consulting Services

Paul Bender Consulting delivers the following Services:

Budgeting, rate/tariff setting and financial planning

  • Short and long-term financial and rates/tariff plans
  • Develop long-term (10+ year) capital budgets to include:
    • All known infrastructure upgrades; new infrastructure needs; and environmental/regulatory requirements.  Includes development of operations and maintenance impacts of all capital projects
    • Realistic annual capital spending plans to meet the organization’s rate objectives – e.g., modest annual increases; avoid ‘rate/tariff shock’ in particular years; justify higher rates/tariffs to improve bond ratings and/or financial performance objectives
  • Development of innovative rate/tariff structures and levels to meet organizational goals for protection of low-income customers, modest annual rate/tariff increases, financial performance and conservation
  • Rate-of-return rate/tariff setting approaches, as needed to justify rate levels, compliance with legal requirements, and to justify transfers to the City or other Governmental General Fund


Municipal and utility finance

  • Assist management with developing appropriate and strong financial policies to achieve bond rating objectives.
  • Negotiate with investment banks, rating agencies and financial advisers to ensure proper understanding of the organization’s financial and management strengths, performance, and reliability of long-term projections
  • Assist with timing and sizing of bond issues


Turnaround project management

  • Project management to address the entire range of organizational operations, with an expertise in financial, customer service and IT operations; deliver ‘best in class’ performance levels
  • Management support to quickly improve organizational performance
  • Coordination of consulting and internal employee resources to execute priority work plans and quickly achieve organizational objectives for improved performance
  • Organizational reviews and development of appropriate organization structures, management roles, accountability, staffing levels, and training requirements


Strategic planning

  • Work with executive management and internal leaders to develop key organizational objectives, and annual work plans to achieve the objectives


Organization development

  • Review organization-wide strategic planning, budgeting, finance, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, treasury, customer service, IT and other functions, and develop appropriate changes to address organizational objectives.
  • Assist management with implementation of new organization structures



  • Internal Audit – successful outsourcing of the Internal Audit function, to achieve significant improvements in performance at the same or lower cost
  • Paul Bender Consulting will also successfully deliver projects not specifically noted above, that replicate any of the achievements documented in Mr. Bender’s Resume/CV.