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Paul Bender Consulting

Paul Bender has 30 years of financial management and consulting experience, including seven years as an independent financial and management consultant (2005 to present), and 20 years as Chief Financial Officer for two large municipal natural gas, water and wastewater utilities (District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority and City of Richmond, Public Utilities).

Mr. Bender assists municipalities, independent authorities/para-statals, and other jurisdictions to ‘turnaround’ and rapidly improve underperforming financial, customer service and IT operations, and implement comprehensive short and long-term strategic financial plans.  He successfully implemented the entire range of financial, customer service (i.e., CIS, AMR/AMI, call center, etc.), HR, and other information technology systems multiple times; restructured financial and customer service operations to achieve CEO/Board of Directors and Mayor/City Manager/City Council objectives; and implemented strong financial planning, budgeting and rate setting processes. [more]